4 Great Purchases Made During Quarantine

With the restrictions of 2020, and now into 2021, our household spending has undergone a number of changes compared to previous years. More expenses related to childcare and utilities, less towards travel, gym memberships, transit passes, gasoline, and dining out. We have however, made a few purchases we otherwise likely would not have made if we were not spending so much time at home. Below are four purchases I have enjoyed during quarantine.

Jarvis Standing desk: The Jarvis standing desk was a purchase I made early in quarantine. Shortly afterwards, this desk was on backorder for many weeks. While I don’t stand up every day, I do stand multiple times per week. I enjoy standing up for work that doesn’t require deep concentration or lots of reading. Meetings are a good opportunity to stand up.

Sunny Health Exercise Bike: While finding dumbbells is still mostly impossible, my wife and I have enjoyed our Sunny exercise bike. My gym was near my office, so even if I wanted to go, it was pretty inconvenient. This bike has afforded us some ability to stay in shape while avoiding people. I cancelled my gym membership and my wife didn’t renew her membership. We paid for the bike with the savings from not having gym memberships.

The Anchor Under-Desk Headphone Mount: The Anchor is a simple product that does its job well. It allows me to declutter my desk while still keeping my headphones accessible. I mounted it on the front right side of my Jarvis desk, just behind the desk controls.

Video Adapters | Club3D CAC-1510 | Anker USB C 5 in 1 Adapter: I’ve actually purchased two different video adapters over the past couple years and used both frequently during quarantine. Their purpose was the same, to allow me to hook up my work computer to a monitor I already own and had on my desk. I used the Club3D video adapter with my old 23″ Apple Cinema Display. That Apple display has been replaced with a new 4K LG display that I use with the Anker adapter.

All of these purchases made our quarantine life better in some small way. The at home exercise equipment spending is a trend that will likely continue as we have enjoyed being able to work out whenever we want.

If you made a purchase during quarantine that made your life better, share it in the comments below.

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