Hi, I’m Kevin!

Welcome to Frugalish, thanks for stopping by.

A Little About Me

I’m a 40-something living in Georgia with my wonderful wife and two young sons. I currently work in the Information Technology field. A few of my hobbies: generally anything outdoors, technology, cooking, and enjoying beer.

My Interest In Money

I’ve always had an interest in money, going back to my childhood. Some of my earliest memories about money and financial topics were learning how savings bonds worked because my Aunt gave me a few for my birthday. I remember my early “business” ventures of running a lemonade stand and reselling candy to my schoolmates.

In college my interest in financial topics remained. I took Macro Economics and thoroughly enjoyed the subject, much in part due to a wonderful professor.

I graduated college (on the 5yr plan) with approximately $22,000 in student loans. Between working part time and the HOPE scholarship, I was able to keep my loans at a semi-reasonable level. I was fairly responsible with my money in college and graduated with little to no credit card debt as well. I was able to start my “adult” life on relatively decent footing.

I’ve always been debt adverse, but I can’t really remember where those feelings were hatched. Even as a kid, if I borrowed a dollar from a friend I would write a note to myself and I made sure to pay him/her back as quickly as possible. I recall several times the person had forgotten, but I had not.

My Mission

My goal for this website is to pass on the knowledge of financial topics that I have picked up over the years. Some of this is standard financial advice you might see on other websites. Other topics/ideas might be just how I do certain things and I hope that it will appeal to others as well. Regardless, I hope that you can be entertained and pick up some knowledge along the way.

It’s my hope that the readers of Frugalish will be in better financial shape than they were the previous year. Thanks for reading!

Myself and the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue along Town Lake in Austin, TX.
Me and SRV – Austin, TX.