Introducing The Tools Page

When I first had the idea to start Frugalish, one of the early resources I wanted to establish was a page with a list of the various “things” that I find useful. Inspired by the fabulous Stuff I use page over at Paul Stamatiou’s website, I present the Tools page here at Frugalish.

I realize “things” is a pretty broad term, but I’m going to mostly limit the items I place on the Tools page to having some kind of link to money. I may stray from that edict occasionally, but most will fit the description I’ve laid out here.

I’ve started the tools page with my previously mentioned Budget spreadsheet, a few apps I find valuable, and a bank recommendation. The Tools page will continue to grow over time so check back often.

Are there any Tools that you find valuable or couldn’t live without? If so, leave a comment below!

Image courtesy of: from Pexels

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