Mack Weldon 18-Hour Jersey V-Neck Undershirt Review

Buying this shirt ended a decades long search. I’m serious, as I’ll explain below.

Before I get started on why I love this shirt, let’s start with the basics. The 18-Hour Jersey from Mack Weldon, is made of three different fabrics, cotton, modal, and spandex. This makes for a VERY soft fabric.


  • Soft
  • Fits well – slim fit
  • Long length (more on that below)


  • Price – not cheap at $32 each
  • Limited colors – only white and grey.

The single biggest reason I love this shirt is the length. The 18-Hour Jersey is made specifically to be worn under other clothing, and because of that, it is longer than your typical undershirt. Because of the longer length, you can actually tuck in the shirt and it will not come untucked. THIS IS AMAZING!

For years, I have been unable to find an undershirt that I can wear underneath a sweater and not have it come untucked many times throughout the day. No more is this a problem. The length keeps it tucked in throughout the day. I don’t have to constantly tuck it back in when I feel it become untucked or I get a draft up my back. This is the single biggest reason I love this shirt.


If you have struggled to find an undershirt that doesn’t come untucked, you need to buy this shirt. I purchased one shirt last year and plan to buy a few more this year. My one request to Mack Weldon is to expand the color options. I would love to see some shade of blue.

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