Reflection On A Year Of Blogging

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Several weeks ago marked the one year anniversary of my first post on Frugalish. I wanted to take some time to reflect on the last year of blogging on this website.

In an effort to end on a high note, let’s talk about what didn’t go well.

  • My posting frequency was sporadic. My initial goal was one post a week and that quickly changed. I settled into a once every two weeks (or so) routine for a while, but dropped off completely by mid July. More on that later.
  • Traffic generation efforts for the site were minimal. This is a subject I admittedly need to learn more about.
  • I failed to nail down the design of the website. I made some progress with this task, but it’s not finished. I want a logo but haven’t put forth the effort to make that happen.

So what went well?

  • Post topics were not lacking! I have a running list of post ideas that is probably 50 deep right now.
  • I enjoyed the art of blogging. Though I didn’t have a lot of time to blog, I did enjoy doing so.


  • Finding the time to write and post. With two young children and a full time job, finding the time to write has been the single biggest challenge. The large gap of posts since July was primarily due to a week long work training class and the associated study time after the class ended. The class included a certification exam that was paid for by my employer. I needed several months to study for the certification test. Almost all of that study time was done at home after the kids had gone to bed or on the weekend. Good news, the hard work paid off. I passed the certification test in early January!
  • Endless edits to a mostly finished post. I read my drafts countless times and make numerous small edits before posting. This editing process needs to be quicker.

If I am going to blog on a more consistent basis in 2020, I need to make some changes. I have several ideas that I believe will help.

Plan Moving Forward:

  • Develop a more efficient way to edit my posts. I have access to LinkedIn Learning through my employer so I’ll see if there are any available videos on this topic.
  • Write in more places. I’m actually writing the majority of this post on the exercise bike at the gym. I take the train into my workplace and that is another time block that I can utilize for writing or brainstorming.
  • Spend less time scrolling through social media. In 2019 I removed the Facebook app on my phone and that did curb some of the time I spent on the site. I need to cut more time wasting tasks to create additional writing time.


I’m optimistic I’ll be able to blog more in 2020, but only time will tell. Do you have any good advice on the art of writing/blogging? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. At the very least, I feel like I’ve done a better job of keeping the edits to this post at a minimum. Progress!

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