6 Frugal Things To Do With A Tax Refund

Tax season is here and some of you may be getting a refund. Rather than blow it on a big screen TV or other non-essential items, why not choose a more frugal options. Below are six frugal options for your tax refund.

Emergency Fund

If you do not have an emergency fund, now is the perfect time to start one. As the name simply says, it’s a place where you stash money in case of emergency.…

Nest Temperature Sensor Review

A few years ago our local electric company was offering a $100 instant rebate on Nest thermostats. As a technology guy and someone who didn’t particularly care for our cheap builder grade thermostat, I decided to finally buy one. I had been looking at them for some time, but never wanted to pay $250 for a thermostat.

Overall we have been happy with our purchase as it introduced a few key advantages over our existing unit.…