Why My Family Cut The Cord


It’s been about 4 years since my family last had Cable TV in our home and probably closer to 7 years since we first canceled it. We re-subscribed in 2014 for one year when we got a really good promotion, but canceled it for good (most likely) when that expired. I will go into detail about how we canceled our cable in a later post. But I wanted to go into a few reasons about why we canceled our cable in today’s post.

Rising Cost

The cost of cable has risen significantly over the last decade. Some estimations put the rising cost of cable at four times the rate of inflation. Our “cheap” cable and internet bill was about $135 and this included a mid-tier channel line and no premium channels. This was one of our highest monthly bills outside of our mortgage.

A Need To Save

Our original reason for canceling cable was the high monthly bill. It was at a time when it was becoming increasingly apparent that we were likely going to spend significant money on medical bills as we tried to start our family. We didn’t know what that amount would be, but we knew it would not be cheap. We needed to start saving significant cash and cable was on the chopping block.

Wanting More

Besides money, I felt like cable was also a time suck. Cable was the thing you turned on when you wanted to zone out or otherwise kill some time. I began to think about my TV time as a lost opportunity. What else could I do with the time I’m currently wasting on Cable TV? Could I learn a skill? Increase my existing knowledge on a subject? Put that time towards saving money on other things? I wanted to put that Cable TV time to a more productive use.


Ultimately the combination of saving money and a desire to see what else I could do with my time won out. We canceled Cable TV. I don’t miss it at all, and with the rise of streaming content, I could still access the content if I really wanted to watch it. In a few cases I have gotten that content elsewhere, but for the most part I’ve found other activities to occupy my former TV time.

Did you cancel your cable? Leave a comment below!

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